Who am I?

Vibrant, outgoing, and passionate about marketing, my background combines over 5 years of digital marketing and project management experience, developing integrated marketing strategies across multiple platforms that help organizations increase brand and bottom line growth. 

In that time, I’ve built a solid understanding around the importance of crafting phenomenal customer experiences, building strong relationships, and the diversity of challenges entrepreneurs face in running a startup. I’m process-focused, bringing to the table the ability to materialize ideas that deliver improved marketing messaging, facilitate change, and increase business efficiency. As a leader and communicator, I value the ability to interpret the individual needs of an audience and break down and communicate complex ideas in a relate-able manner. 

I’m drawn to the entrepreneurial environment by the sense of collaboration and innovation that it creates, and the opportunities to contribute ideas and educate clients and customers around cutting edge brands and services.

At the moment, I'm making a career pivot into the field of product management and learning a learning a plethora of technical skills along the way. My long-term career goal is to work at or found a B-Corporation, as I have a burning desire to "do work that matters."